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Fiction and Science Fiction Books on
Overpopulation and Sustainability

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General Fiction

  • The Holy Well, by Colin Macpherson, ISBN 9780980350104. Actually, this book is not population-related at all, but is a wonderful read!
  • Ectopia, Ernest Callenbach; Bantam, 1990, ISBN 0553348477, (181p, $11).
  • Ectopia Emerging, Ernest Callenbach; Banyan Tree, 1981, ISBN 0960432035, ($10).
  • Most anything by Edward Abbey.

Overpopulation Fiction

  • The Camp of the Saints, Jean Raspail; The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, MI 49770, 800.352.4843, 1973, ISBN 1-881780-07-4, (311p, $15), review, also Bookwire review. Also available from This apocalyptic novel takes on a whole cluster of polemical issues - overpopulation, race, the Third World, and the character of liberal thought and sentiment.
  • Excellent The Tide Turners, Colin Macpherson; Mopoke Publishing, PO Box 1213, Yeppoon, Queensland 4703, Australia; 1999, ($12), (review and additional reviews). This well written and thought-provoking story is entertaining and an excellent read. This intriguing and suspenseful work of fiction may well turn out to be fact. Highly recommended to anyone concerned about the ability of our planet to sustain an ever-growing human population.

Overpopulation Science Fiction

  • A Torrent of Faces, James Blish & Norman L. Knight; ISBN 0448178230.
  • Deathwish World, Mack Reynolds & Dean Ing; ISBN 0671655523.
  • Disposable People, Marshall Goldberg & Kenneth Kay; ISBN 084392278/
  • Logan A Trilogy, W. F. Nolan
  • Population Doomsday, Don Pendleton; 1974, ISBN 0523223293.
  • Make Room, Make Room, Harry Harrison (the basis of Soylent Green); ISBN 0553564587.
  • Marching Morons, C. M. Kornbluth; (short story); ISBN 0671655523.
  • Shadows in the Sun, Chad Oliver; 1993, Lightyear Press, ISBN 0899683576, ($9). One of the earliest attempts to approach a story from the viewpoint of complex social interaction, this story involves an encounter with extraterrestrials trained to help relieve extreme overpopulation in their native galactic civilization.
  • Stand on Zanzibar, John Brunner; Ballentine Books, 1988, ISBN 0345347870.
  • The Distant Suns, Michael Moorcock - a short story found in Sailing to Utopia, Michael Moorcock, Rick Berry ; White wolf, 1907, ISBN 1565041836, ($16).
  • The Drowning Towers, George Turner; ISBN 038078601X.
  • The Edict, Max Ehrlich (the basis of the movie Z.P.G.)
  • The Wanting Seed, Anthony Burgess; W.W. Norton, 1996, ISBN 0393315088, ($11).

Environmental Science Fiction

  • Eco-Fiction, John Stadler; ISBN 0671478451.
  • Fatal Exposure, Michael Tobias; ISBN 0671725726.
  • Future on Fire edited, Orson Scott Card; Tor Books, 1991, ISBN 0812511832.
  • Future Primitive: The New Ectopias edited, Kim Stanley Robinson; Tor Books, 1997, ISBN 0312863500, ($13).
  • Heavy Weather, Bruce Sterling; Bantam Spectra 1996, ISBN 055357292X,($6).
  • Nature's End, Whitley Strieber & James Kunetka; ISBN 0446343552. It is a future that could well be ours. Mixing scientific detail with the gripping, roller-coaster pace of a spy novel, this exciting book belongs more to speculative fiction than science fiction - a pensive, passionate book.
  • Nature's Revenge edited, Seon Manley & Gogo Lewis; ISBN 0688518435.
  • No Blade of Grass, John Christopher; ISBN 0380480093.
  • O-Zone, Paul Theroux; ISBN 0399131868.
  • Spiderlegs, Piers Anthony
  • The Lathe of Heaven, Ursula K. Le Guin; Avon Books, ISBN 0380791854, (175p, $10). The story is about a person who can, through dreams, create a new "improved" human reality. Of course, the outcome is never quite what is desired. It is at least partially a message about "us" and "them" mentality.
  • The Sheep Look Up, John Brunner; ISBN 0345347862.
  • Voice of the Planet, Michael Tobias; ISBN 0553283677.

Environmental Fiction

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Books on: Population | Sustainability | U.S. | Economics | Children | Fiction | Misc
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