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Review - The Holy Well

by Colin Macpherson

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The Holy Well, by Colin Macpherson
Mopoke Publishing, Queensland, Australia; ISBN 9780980350104

      --Review by Fred Elbel

What I though would be another ho-hum, somewhat interesting and mostly plodding read turned out to be quite the opposite. I was indeed pleasantly surprised! This book is a real page-turner.

Not just another novel, this book consists of two novels set a thousand years apart, interwoven in an expert manner. One story tells the very realistic - and carefully researched - tale of two men living in the late Bronze age; the other reflects the life of a man living in the present time in the same area of the Scottish Highlands.

The centerpiece of the story is an ancient well with mystical healing powers, which travelers in both stories encounter.

This book is more than just another tall tale. It leads the reader on a thought-provoking journey of modern-day and historical adventure and intrigue. This novel left me with an uplifting feeling of human warmth and a glimpse of the possibility of something more substantial than our everyday reality.

Highly recommended!


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