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  • Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism, Sharon Beder; Chelsea Green Publishing, ISBN 1890132128, (288p, $20). Describes how conservative think tanks and fradulent grassroots organizations are funded by corporations and trade associations, and exposes corporate attempts to influence the media by threats to withdraw advertising. Corporate agendas have dominated public opinion and the debate over environmental problems, substituting short-term corporate gain for long-term sustainable solutions.
  • Steady State Economics, Herman Daly; 1991, ISBN 155963071X.
  • The Ownership Solution : Toward a Shared Capitalism for the Twenty-First Century, Jeffrey Gates; Perseus Books, 1999, ISBN 0738201316, (388p, $13), (Shared Capitalism Institute, seminar proceedings). "Jeff Gates has literally written the book on how to reverse centuries of capital concentration and economic polarization. If we are to have any chance of creating just and stable societies, the answer will hew closely to the pragmatism, intelligence and creativity offered here." -- Paul Hawken.
  • Excellent When Corporations Rule the World; David Korten; Berrett-Koehler Pub/Kumarian Press; 1996, ISBN: 1887208011, (333p, $16). "This is a must-read' book - a searing indictment of an unjust international economic order, not by a wild-eyed idealistic left-winger, but by a sober section of the establishment with impeccable credentials. It left me devastated but also very hopeful. Something can be done to create a more just economic order." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate.


Books on: Population | Sustainability | U.S. | Economics | Children | Fiction | Misc
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