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Media and Videos on Overpopulation and Sustainability

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  • Excellent Arithmetic, Population, and Energy, video by Al Bartlett, University of Colorado Academic Media Services, Boulder CO 80309, 303.492.1857, $30 (Order here). Here is a easy-to-understand explanation of exponential growth and a mathematical explanation.
  • Future In The Cradle (20 min, $25). A no nonsense look at the human suffering and environmental consequences of our ostrich-like inaction on this issue.
  • Excellent Immigration by the Numbers - Environmental Choice, by Roy Beck; 1996. The Social Contract Press Petoskey, MI 49770, 800.352.4843, (17 min, $9.95). Using a very large graph and the gumballs in the jars demonstration, this video is packed with facts and analysis that make moral and practical sense of the complex issue of stabilizing U.S. population. See NumbersUSA for more information - and to send a free fax to Congress!
  • Excellent Jam Packed video and Teacher's guide, narrated by actress Alexandra Paul, star of the Baywatch TV series; The Video Project, 200 Estates Drive, Ben Lomond, CA 95005, 800.475.2638, 408.336.0160, (29 min, $20 for Sierra Club supporters, grades 7-12), (review) (online orders). Produced in conjunction with Population Communications International (PCI announcement). This award-winning video is oriented towards teenagers and young adults. It covers population growth, teen-aged pregnancy, and high U.S. consumption levels. A Teacher's Guide is included with the video, presenting pertinent facts, examples, and quizzes.
  • Population Crisis USA, published by Population Environment Balance, 2000 P St., NW, Suite 210, Washington, D.C. 20036, 202.955.5700; 1995. Also available from Educational Communications, Inc., PO Pox 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035, 310.559.9160, (58 min), (review).
  • Sustainable Lives -- Attainable Dreams, National Wildlife Federation, 8925 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA, 22184; 202.797.6639; 1994, (30 min, $3), (review). This video discusses the efforts of three countries attempting to slow the rate of population growth - Kenya, Java, and Mexico. It clearly states the need for international family planning and documents the success of family planning efforts and advances in education and empowerment of women. This video is well worth viewing and donating to a public library.
  • The People Bomb Cable News network, produced by Ted Turner. CNN Special reports, 1992. Available from Turner Multimedia Library. ISBN 0780603753, (90 min), (EGJ review). It is predicted that in the next century, three times as many people will inhabit the earth. This special examines the growing problem of overpopulation. CNN correspondents span the globe to investigate the problem and find possible solutions.
  • The Population Bomb, KQED (U.S.) television show. Order video "Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb", Films for the Humanities, 800.257.5126. (teaching tools).
  • What Is The Limit? Tom Goodwin; National Audubon Society, Washington D.C. Produced by State of the Art, 1987. (23 min, $25.00), (EGJ review).
  • Excellent Food Production and Population Growth, Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael, and Alan D. Thornhill, PhD.; available from New Tribal Ventures, PO Box 66627, Houston, TX 77266-6627, ISBN 1-885664-01-X, (3 hours, $39.95), (review). This video is a serious and significant step towards addressing overpopulation issues and presenting scientific fact as well as ethics in context that is understandable to the lay person. Highly recommended to anyone, especially the uninformed, concerned with sustainability and the population problem.
         "Nothing threatens the future of the world more than the uncontrolled growth of our species. Population stability can only be achieved if we ignore mythology and pay attention to reality. I consider these videotapes equal in importance to all my books combined."
               -- Daniel Quinn
  • Six Billion and Beyond, PBS; 1-800-741-9658, ($14.95, 22 minutes). Educational documentary.
  • Water, Land, People, & Conflict, from America's Defense Monitor, 1-800-234-3334, ($19). Today, the greatest threats facing any nation's security may not be military threats. Increasingly, they are complex issues related to the environment such as: population growth, water scarcity, pollution, and economic stability.
  • When The Bough Breaks, Lawrence Moore and Robbie Stamp; Central Observer Production, Television Trust for the Environment. Distributed by Bullfrog Films, 1990, ISBN 1-56029-400-0, (52 min, $295), (EGJ review).
  • Excellent World Population video from Zero Population Growth (6 min). Shows population growth over 2000 years by dots on a world map - very impressive. ZPG provides excellent educational material, but discounts the true causes of U.S. overpopulation.
  • World Population Film/Video Festival A Competitive Film/Video Festival for high school and college student productions on population growth, the environment, consumption and sustainability.
  • Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") has produced a TV show on population.


Books on: Population | Sustainability | U.S. | Economics | Children | Fiction | Misc
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