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Overpopulation and Sustainability
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  • The Tide Turners, Colin Macpherson; Mopoke Publishing, PO Box 1213, Yeppoon, Queensland 4703, Australia; 1999, ($12), (review and additional reviews). This well written and thought-provoking story is entertaining and an excellent read. This intriguing and suspenseful work of fiction may well turn out to be fact. Highly recommended to anyone concerned about the ability of our planet to sustain an ever-growing human population.

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  • Excellent The Social Contract Press, Petoskey, MI 49770, 800.352.4843, carries books and articles on facts, ethics and social consequences of U.S. overpopulation. Their site is well worth a visit and support - there you can search for 10 years of articles on the web.
  • - the world's largest online bookstore.
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