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The Tide Turners

The Tide Turners, Colin Macpherson; Mopoke Publishing, PO Box 1213, Yeppoon, Queensland 4703, Australia; 1999, ($12), (additional reviews).
The Tide Turners is a fictional account of a small group of concerned individuals who realize that the primary problem facing humanity and the planet as a whole is continued growth of human population. It is the story of a back-to-the-earth physicist who gradually formulates and executes a plan that will help mankind painlessly reduce their future growth to a significant extent, thereby giving nature a reprieve and humanity a second chance.
This is a story of "ordinary people doing an extraordinary thing". The story begins in Australia on a small farm on the Queensland coast with a small group of people living in a self-sufficient lifestyle. As their concern for the future of the planet grows, an idea is suggested that soon takes hold. As they investigate the possibilities of their idea, their scope of involvement expands to include England, the United States and India. The plot thickens as they implement their scheme, threatened by the danger of discovery.
This relatively fast-paced novel bravely presents scientific terminology in terms the average reader can understand. The plot is intriguing and suspenseful. Characters seem real, and the reader comes away with a sense of identification with the story.
Although the author may not advocate the actions that underpin the plot, it offers perhaps the only hope we have of staving off the more traditional methods nature has of dealing with overpopulation. In addition to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (including war, pestilence and famine), we are now presented with a more humane and not entirely implausible solution to the problem of exponential human population growth. This work of fiction may well turn out to be fact, as it is entirely possible for the course of action described in the book to be adopted by those who believe that traditional means of dealing with overpopulation are being ignored and underfunded.
This book is well-written, thought-provoking, entertaining and an excellent read -- highly recommended to anyone concerned with the ability of our planet to sustain an ever-growing human population.
        -- Fred Elbel


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