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Discussion and News Lists Concerning
Population and Sustainability

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Websites with News Updates

News Clipping Services

Discussion Lists on
Overpopulation and Sustainability

  • Excellent Delphi population forum.
  • KZPG sponsors several discussion lists on population. Suggested lists are KZPG-Talk, the main discussion list, and KZPG-Forum.
  • Excellent National Audubon Society   Population & Habitat Campaign discussion and alert list. To subscribe, send an email to with the command in the message body (the subject line doesn't matter):
           subscribe population
  • Excellent NumbersUSA allows you to establish a userid on their site. You are automatically subscribed to numbersusa-l, their announcement mailing list, and you can (and should) send free faxes to Congress!.
  • POPENV-L is a forum for discussion and dissemination of information related to the interactions between Earth's environment and aspects of human population density, distribution, growth, and activity. To subscribe, send an email to with the following request command in the message body (the subject line doesn't matter):
           subscribe POPENV-L <your name>

  • PSIS (Program on Science and International Security) encourages the discussion of issues related to the environmental dimensions of security. The forum has been assembled as part of the Project on Environment, Population and Security, a cooperative effort of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program of the University of Toronto and the Program on Science and International Security of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
    There are two lists: ENVSEC_D - a broadcast list for document distribution, and ENVSEC_F - a discussion list To subscribe, send an email to:, with the following command(s) in the message body (the subject line doesn't matter):
           subscribe ENVSEC_D <your email address>
           subscribe ENVSEC_F <your email address>

  • Sierra Club National Population discussion list. This list was killed on February 14, 2000 after three years of operation because the Sierra Club national population committee (GPSPC) did not support free and useful discussion of population issues within the Sierra Club. The closure notice stated "The GPSPC would like useful communications among population activists on population issues to continue, though not under the Sierra Club."
  • Excellent Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Population discussion list, for foreign, national, and regional population issues. This list was implemented as a replacement for the Sierra Club national population discussion list which was killed by the national population committee. Long live free speech within the Sierra Club!
    To subscribe: send an email to:, and include the following one-line command in the body of your message (the subject doesn't matter):
           subscribe rmc-cons-population-discuss yourfirstname yourlastname
    (Replace "yourfirstname yourlastname" with your real name.)
  • The Center for a New American Dream's offers a bi-monthly listserv conversation series. Over the past two years, they have examined "Growing Up in a Material World: Kids, Commercialism, and Consumption," "Road to Nowhere: The Automobile, Sprawl and the Illusory Suburban Dream," and "Celebrating the Holidays Responsibly," and other topics with experts in those respective fields. In September, 1999 they discussed "Population, Consumption and the Path to Environmental Sustainability". To subscribe to the Center for a New American Dream discussion list send a message to: with the following command in the body of the message:
           SUBSCRIBE Conversation-Digest

Mass Immigration Discussion Lists

  • Australian National University's demographic list is concerned with the discussion of demography and demographic techniques, which has obvious relevance to immigration. To subscribe, send an e-mail to with the following command in the message body (the subject line doesn't matter):
           subscribe demographic-list
  • Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform believes that immigration is good in concept (many of us are recent immigrants or otherwise active in immigrant communities), but that current immigration policies are not working. They are working for responsible reform of immigration policies. To join, send an email message to Pauline Rizzuti, www5 at netcom dot com.
  • The Center for Immigration Studies offers a weekly roundup of immigration news: This Week in Immigration.
    The CISNEWS list covers immigration policy in the US and abroad for academics, policymakers, journalists and others. Subscribers include most of the prominent figures in the field. CISNEWS is a moderated list with no discussion or debates, for announcements, news items, reviews, general queries, etc. To join CISNEWS, send an e-mail message to (First delete "fluff" in the email address. This is to prevent spambot email address harvesting). Simply ask to be subscribed to CISNEWS. You'll receive about 15 postings a week.
    The IMPOLICY list contains all the messages from CISNEWS, and provides for debate and discussion. Subscribers are generally well-informed, though not all are academics. To subscribe, send an email to, with with the following command in the message body (the subject line doesn't matter):
           subscribe IMPOLICY
  • Merger, a newsletter from the Migration and Ethnic Relations Group for European Research.
  • Migration News summarizes the most important immigration and integration developments during the preceding month. Distribution is by email. If you wish to subscribe, send your email address to in an email to Migration News at: migrant at primal dot ucdavis dot edu.
  • Update!! Norm Matloff's Immigration Forum covers abuses of the high-tech H1-B visa system which results in displacement and age descrimination of American workers. You can subscribe to his very informative email information list by sending an email to (First delete "fluff" in the email address. This is to prevent spambot email address harvesting).
  • World Overpopulation Awareness Population, Family Planning, & Ecology News Scanner.
Usenet Newsgroups

The following newsgroups contain substantial postings on population, U.S. population stabilization, and immigration stabilization:
  • sci.environment
  • talk.environment

The following newsgroups contain a moderate number of postings on these topics:
  • alt.politics.greens
  • alt.politics.immigration
  • alt.politics.usa
  • misc.activism.environment

The following newsgroups contain a relatively low number of postings on these topics:
  • bionet.population-bio

You can search specific newsgroups for the keywords "population", "overpopulation", "immigration", "population stabilization", "carrying capacity", etc., by using the search engines listed below.
  • Google - excellent newsgroup search engine (formerly DejaNews)
  • - search newsgroups and email discussion lists.
  • AltaVista - also searches newsgroups.

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