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Things You Can Do Today...

...preserving the beauty of nature help keep a healthy, beautiful home on planet Earth


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Personal efforts...

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If you would like to have a more complete tool for measuring the impact of your actions on the earth, check out Donald W. Lotter's low-cost workbook, EarthScore: Your Personal Environmental Audit & Guide. This tool teaches which earth-friendly actions give the most benefit, and allows us to compare the damage done in some areas (like poor automobile maintenance) with the benefits we build up in other areas (like careful shopping and recycling). This sort of "trade-off" awareness is very important because it helps focus our actions where they are most likely to do the most good.

EarthScore is a hardcopy workbook printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink, available for USD $4.50 plus shipping/handling from Lafayette, CA: Morning Sun Press, email jdhowell at ix dot netcom dot com, 1993, 36 pages, ISBN 0-9629069-6-4.

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