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U.S. Domestic
Overpopulation and Sustainability

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By the year 2020, if current population trends continue, the U.S. will add enough population to create another New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Fransisco, Indianapolis, San Jose, Memphis, Washington D.C., Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Boston, Columbus, New Orleans, Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, and El Paso - plus the next 75 largest cities in the U.S.- if we don't act now to stabilize U.S. population. - Population-Environment Balance

If current immigration policy is not changed, the population of our country will double within the lifetime of the average American child, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
This forced immigration policy mandated by Congress is burdening future generations with an overcrowded and polluted future, not to mention the very real possibility of political balkanization.
This is unfair, and we should no longer sanction the dogma of "profits before people". The immense wealth of greedy, globalist corporations must not be permitted to corrupt our political process to the point where we jeopardize the environment and the future of the most vulnerable Americans of all -- the young and future generations.
    -- Craig Nelsen

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I have no doubt that some kind of country will still exist even when there are 570 million or more people in it and that they will live reasonably decent lives by the standards of the third world today. But it will not be America in any way that most of us have thought of the concept. There can be no honor denying the world of the future even the possibility of living in that concept of America (because it will have been destroyed forever) just so that a certain segment of the business community can lower wages to increase profits or so that the development industry can have the people to fuel the massive conversion of farmland and natural habitat (to increase their profits).
    -- Roy Beck

We disagree with those who would label efforts to control immigration as being inherently anti-immigrant. Rather, it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.
    -- the late constitutional and civil rights attorney,
        Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

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The Author's Position
U.S. population is increasing at a rate of
58,000 per week!


Unless U.S. population growth is curtailed
"We must become more and more accustomed to sprawl, congestion, wilderness losses, ethnic enclaves, families locked in an underclass for generations, lopsided school costs, battles over bilingualism, demeaning of citizenship and -- perhaps most important of all -- a continued lessening of the chance that an ordinary American will ever converse with any member of Congress."
    -- John Bermingham
       President, Colorado Population Coalition


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