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Phone Book Delivery

(How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers)

Do you really need 20 pounds of phone books? Search online instead!
Typically several companies produce and deliver competing phone books to your door. The producer is usually listed near the front of the phone book or near the index. If you do not want redundant phone books, contact the producer, and insist that they pick up unwanted phone books. Insist that they delete you from your distribution list!
Phone book companies are geared toward saturation delivery. It will be worth a few minutes of your time to talk to the marketing manager of these firms and politely make the point that they are doing their advertisers no favor by forcing their directory on unappreciating customers. Make the point that they will cultivate much more goodwill by allowing environmentally-concerned individuals to opt out from receiving several pounds of unwanted paper.
Several of these companies are listed below (contact the author if you have more information).
McLeod USA
6400 C St. SW, PO Box 3177, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52406-3177
or 2201 Willenborg St, Effingham, Illinois 62401
    800.373.3280 distribution dept. (Pete Brant, manager)
They distribute over 400 directories such as the "Chicago Directory". In 1999 they established an "opt-out" program, saving tons of phone books. Good work, McCleod!
    Call this number to be taken off their distribution list:
    800.373.2324 then press 1.
McLeod also owns: Consolidated Directories
1200 Network Centre Dr, Effingham, Illinios 62401
Locator Group, Inc.
Home office:
257 Broadway Ave
Orangeville, Ontario, CA L9W1K6
Distribution manager:
    Jane Garod, 888.560.3737
They distribute Locator phone books.
US West phone books
    303.375.0700 (Denver)
These are distributed in Denver by Product Development Corp
13100 E 39th Ave Unit C, Denver, CO 80239

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Handbill Delivery Services

These companies leave material on your door. Get a "no handbills" sign, which gets better results than a "no soliciting" sign. Better yet, get both. Handbills on your door not only waste paper but advertize to burglars that you are not home.
There are lots of these in local areas. They usually hire people who don't read English well or don't care about "no handbill" signs. Call the company advertising on the handbill. Tell them you will not do business with a company that violates your request. Then insist that they tell you the name of the handbill delivery company. Call that company and complain. You might also check the yellow pages for handbill companies.
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