Created: 1995. Updated: 2001

Cyberpromo Spam Domain Names

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Cyberpromo is the organization founded by Spamford Wallace, with the sole objective of generating spam. (See the short interview Spamford Speaks). Also see recent articles on Cyberpromo spam.
Cyberpromo sends out spam with strange and/or forged Domain Names. The following list includes most, if not all, of their Domain Names. Many e-mail programs (or ancillary packages), allow you to set up filters to deal with spam received from these Domains.
General recommendations include:
  • Don't reply directly to the spammer's return address. It's undoubtedly fake, and the e-mail will be returned to you unread.
  • When you receive spam from non-dedicated "typical" domains, do send complaints to abuse, postmaster, and/or root @ the spammers domain. With dedicated spam sites such as Cyberpromo, they will certainly disregard any comments you send them.
  • You may want to transfer suspected spam e-mail to a temporary folder or directory, and review it manually, "just in case" it's legitamate e-mail.

List of Cyberpromo Spam Domain Names (1997)

Who to Complain to at Cyberpromo (1997)

The following appeared as a newsgroup posting. It looks like a list of spammers at Cyberpromo, as well as spammers at other domains.

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